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Knitters' Guild NSW Inc

Group Info

The Inner City group meets at Redfern Town Hall, 73 Pitt Street Redfern NSW 2016 at 11am on the 2nd Saturday each month. The Convenors are Sue Frost and Liz Evatt. To contact the group, send e-mail to the Convenors.


Knitting Workshops

Members of the Inner City group are happy to offer free learn to knit sessions for beginners or those needing a refresher course. Sessions 2.00pm - 3.30pm on meeting days. Wool and needles will be supplied. All ages welcome (children under 16 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian). Bookings essential. To book please email the group at

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
or ring the library on 8374 6230.

Mailing List

To sign up for our e-mail list, please visit this page.

Inner City Group

Minutes of the August 13th Meeting Now Available

Minutes for the August 13th meeting are now available online. Please contact Kelly Vincent if you wish to make any amendments or corrections

Agenda for September 10th Meeting

Agenda for Inner City Group of the Knitters' Guild meeting, Saturday 10th

September, 2011, starting at 11.00 am.

The meeting will be held at the City of Sydney Library, 405 Crown Street,

Surry Hills.   Remember to sign the attendance register!  Subs are a gold



Brief socialising and room setup.




* Welcome to visitors/new members

* Yoga stretches for knitters ­ Alison or Asa or Fiona

* Apologies

* Minutes of the previous meeting

* Convenor¹s report

For Consideration

Urn - cost $238. We seek permission to rehome it. First to another guild

group for a fee, or alternatively through another mechanism.

* Treasurer¹s report

* Knitting workshops

* Library


11:40 Teaching Knitting - Sally Ogilvie




1200 ­ 1215

Morning Tea: Zena Smith-White, Mary-Helen Ward, Sandra West



Crochet for Knitting.

Jane will lead us through ­ crochet isn¹t to be feared!

Edges, cast ons ­ after today¹s discussion, you too will add crochet to your

skills basket!

Please bring some yarn (any size but 8ply probably best and a plain colour

is easier to see) and a crochet hook if you have one (4mm or 4.5mm best, if

8ply yarn - we have some spares if you don't have your own). If you have a

spare knitted tension square lying around, bring that too!

1245 - 1300.

Show & Tell


Learn To Knit this month is fully booked!

Thank you to our 5 teachers: Zena Smith-White, Sally Ogilvie, Kristine


Lyn Shoemark and Rosemary Long


General Information

To Bring

8ply Pure Wool leftovers (of 20g) to contribute to the Learn to Knit Kits.

You all have leftover bits of yarn any you don't need in good condition

Thanks to Jen Howlett and Margaret for helping to sort through the assorted

yarn we have collected.

We have sorted out those that are suitable for learn to knit and have a

number of yarn which will be available for members to take home or we will

be rehoming it to Crowle (hopefully via Deborah)


Skills and Learning Survey

The Workshop Convenor has asked for information on what the groups want to


We thought our response would summarise Skills against defined areas,

highlight the biggest desire for learning, and capture the members willing

to teach at a peer level and on a more formal level.

We are hoping to email these out beforehand and also have forms available on

the day.

We are happy to include or exclude personal details (except for teaching) if

you desire.

We would like them completed by the end of the meeting if possible.

We will use the collected information for the executive and to help the new

incoming committee


New Equipment

The swift has arrived and the ballwinder is likely to be here as well.

We will have a winding station set up for the meeting (even if Jody has to

bring her own winder for this meeting)

We will limit winding to before the meeting (about 20 minutes), during the

break or after the meeting to respect the presenters.

We will also be making an effort to display some of the library books to

encourage borrowing. It's always good to see what is on offer.


AGM in November

Your Guild needs you.

The experience we all get is only as good as what we put in.

By November we need a Librarian and Workshop Convenor.

If you are interested in any of the roles please let Jane, Kelly or Jody


as soon as possible.

Even if you are not sure and just think you might be please come have a chat

with us.

It is actually ok if you want to share a job.

Jane has indicated she is happy to stay on as Treasurer

Jody has indicated she is happy to stay on as Convenor and Alison has agreed

to co-convene.

Kelly has indicated she is happy to stay on as Secretary but would love to

share it (when and if I¹m on location. Like this weekend)

Agenda August 13th Meeting

The Agenda has been sent out via the mailing list. You can join here

Agenda for Inner City Group of the Knitters' Guild meeting, Saturday 13th
August, 2011, starting at 11.00 am.

The meeting will be held at the City of Sydney Library, 405 Crown Street,
Surry Hills.   Remember to sign the attendance register!  Subs are a gold

Brief socialising and room setup. 

We would kindly request that all members attending this month's meeting to
please be prompt. Given we have a special guest this month, it is our aim to
complete our usual business by 1130 to maximise the time spent on this
months topic. In thanks to our new convenor, please wear purple - or a shade
close to  it!

* Welcome to visitors/new members
* Yoga stretches for knitters ­ Alison or Asa or Fiona
* Apologies
* Minutes of the previous meeting

* Convenor's report
Reports on cost, availability and pros / cons on our potential purchase: new
swift / ball winder.
Supplies for teaching.
Update to meeting roster for the remainder of the year.

* Treasurer's report

* Knitting workshops ­ Tia

* Library ­ Donna


1130 - 1200

We are joined today by Wendy McDougall, professional photographer.
Wendy will discuss the basics of photography: light (natural v. artificial),
framing, using your phone / digital cameras, positioning your work.
Wendy has asked if members could please bring print outs of photos of
garments that didn't work. Please print them (as opposed to iPad / computer)
- this is easier for discussion purposes.

1200 ­ 1215
Morning tea
- Margarita Lautier, Maria Davidson & Jen Howlett.

1215 - 1245

Our greatest issues - colour and texture plus should it be flat or worn?
How best to photograph a vivid red scarf, a cabled jumper, some lace work
and a black pullover. Please bring those tricky items - we hope to discuss
as many as possible on the day. (Please be aware, Wendy is here to help us
with tips on how best we can photographically represent our garments - not
to take pro photos for us. Thank you for your understanding)

1245 - 1300.
Time permitting, we'll finish up with a brief Q & A.

If we can, show & tell.

We have TBC people booked in this month to Learn To Knit.
We have Sue Frost & Sally Ogilvie who have agreed to teach today. Jen
Howlett and Margarita Lautier have also agreed to stay and teach if needed.
Thank you to our volunteer teachers for this month.

Minutes of July 9th 2011 Meeting are now available

Minutes to the July 9th Meeting are available online. Please advise Kelly of any amendments.