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The Knitters' Guild is a not-for-profit organisation promoting and encouraging the skills of Knitting and Crochet amongst its members and the wider community.


Christmas (but not winter) is coming.


Prepare for it with our new crochet workshop A Very Crochet Christmas creating a Christmas Wreath, bookings via the link below under Save the Dates. Or get started on your Christmas knitting with the Introduction to Brioche workshop.


    Brioche Workshop       Christmas Wreath  



Save the Dates

15th October - 2016 Events - Introduction to Brioche

5th November -A Very Crochet Christmas

More details to come.


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Cynthia Mulholland

President's Message

On Saturday, 7 May 2016 the Knitters’ Guild NSW held its Annual General Meeting and a new Executive Committee was welcomed into the role. 

I am pleased to announce that I was one of those changes.  I am very honoured to have been elected President of the Knitters’ Guild NSW for 2016.

We have a wonderful new team of very excited members looking forward to taking on the tasks of managing a very strong organisation of 24 groups across NSW and over 860 members.  To see who we are, please check us out on the “About the Guild” page.

The Knitters’ Guild NSW is a wonderful organisation of friendly, welcoming and talented knitters and crocheters who would love to welcome you to a meeting or event.  The Guild is celebrating its 30th year this year and a number of exciting events, workshops and activities are planned throughout the year. 

As a member of the Guild you may attend any group or event in the Guild and take part in all these activities.  You’ll receive a quarterly magazine (available by email or post) and a monthly email newsletter.  You also have access to some great discounts and special offers from our Retail Members.

If you would like more information please contact the Secretary of the Executive Committee at or a local convenor, using the locations tab at the top of the page.

We look forward to welcoming many more knitters and crocheters in 2016 to help us celebrate our special birthday.

Cynthia Mulholland: President

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Help with Logging In

The first time you log in to the Guild website you will need to create your own secure password. To do this you will need an email address that is in our database. If you haven’t registered an email address with us, or if you’re not sure which address you have registered, please email with your full name.

Here is a print-out to guide you through the process.




   2 x 50g balls, 8ply yarn
   1pr 4mm (UK 8) knitting needles
   1 tapestry needle to join centre back seam




Cast on 3 sts. Knit one row.

Working in garter stitch throughout, increase one stitch at the beginning of each row until edge measures 25 cm. Place a coloured marker here on one side. This will now be the lower edge of the cap.

Increase one stitch at the beginning of the coloured marker side. Decrease one stitch at the beginning of the other side until the longer (marker) side measures 40-43cm.

Decrease one stitch at the beginning of each row until the 2 short sides are the same length. You will now have a rectangular shaped piece of knitting.

With sts still on the needle. pick up and knit every 'knot' along the long edge. Knit 2 together along the next 2 rows. Thread yarn through the remaining sts and pull up tight and fasten off. Thread tapestry needle with yarn; sew the 2 short sides together to form back seam.

Turn lower edge up to suit. Hey Presto... Cap


Diagram showing pattern dimensions.