What is the Knitters Guild?


The Knitters' Guild NSW Inc. was established in 1986 to promote and encourage hand knitting and crochet. The Guild provides the opportunity for members to learn both traditional and modern techniques, and to keep up with the latest developments in material developments and knitting and crochet design in Australia and internationally. It also encourages maintenance of high standards in design and technique, and encourages the exhibition of members’ work. We also encourage local dyers and retailers to become retail members of our organisation, which brings benefits to both their business and to our members.

Our more than 1,000 members all belong to a local group, and 27 Guild Groups meet regularly throughout NSW. Meetings encompass a variety of activities, including talks and presentations, short classes, longer workshops, retail opportunities with local indie dyers and designers, and the chance to practise our crafts in the companionship of like-minded people. As well as the chance to attend a meeting, members of the Guild receive a monthly e-newsletter, KGBytes, and a quarterly magazine in digital or paper format.

In October each year, we hold FibreFest in Singleton and we also host a weekend event of workshops every two years, the next being in June 2021. This gives us the chance to invite international guests, showcase our work, learn from our expert tutors and from each other, just have a lot of fun as a craft community – and do a bit of shopping!

Knitting and crochet are far from moribund crafts. New techniques and ways of creating fabrics are being developed constantly by designers around the world. The Guild has responded to this international surge in skill development by offering skills-based workshops at least monthly, in locations around the state. These are taught by local experts, and are tightly focused on specific techniques. Members have first priority in booking for these quality learning experiences. From time to time we have also been able to host international guest tutors for very successful workshops.

The Guild is presently re-developing its suite of certificates to increase knowledge and skill of craft within the community. The first Knitting certificate is now available and the first Crochet one is coming soon. The instructions for these certificate are free to download, and a small charge will be made for the assessment and certification process. For more information please contact standards@knittersguildnsw.org.au

As the Guild grows and develops we are keeping the links to our history, and the history of craft in NSW, alive through the work of our Archives Committee. They aim to preserve and exhibit the examples of knitting and crochet and patterns from the past that have been amassed since our founding. These will be available for teaching and exhibition, and will form a link between the crafts of knitting and crochet, which were largely hidden and domestic, and the much more open and public practice of craft today.

A culture of creativity is what binds members of the Knitters’ Guild together. Creativity is inclusive of all cultures and beliefs, and it is these voices of difference that strengthen an organisation such as the Guild. We are committed to creating an environment where everyone from all backgrounds and cultures are most welcome to meet together to share their different skills and experiences.





Executive Committee Members

President: (tbc) president@knittersguildnsw.org.au 
Vice President:  Julie Hogan (Macarthur), Hanna Smith (Inner City)
Secretary: Patricia McGregor (Pittwater)  secretary@knittersguildnsw.org.au
Treasurer: Raewynn Tippett (Newcastle) treasurer@knittersguildnsw.org.au


Margaret Harradine (Inner City)
Jayne Kelderman (Mid North Coast)
Maureen North (Pittwater)
Robyn Ross (Southern Highlands)



Sub Committees

Collection: Merrin Marks (Mid North Coast) curator@knittersguildnsw.org.au
Information Management (Membership)membership@knittersguildnsw.org.au
Magazine Editor: Marianna Thomson (Blacktown) editor@knittersguildnsw.org.au
Education & Judging Convenor:  Sara Aylett (Mid North Coast) standards@knittersguildnsw.org.au
Website: Kate Semler (West Ryde) web@knittersguildnsw.org.au 
Workshop Convenor: Sally Ogilvie (Woy Woy) workshops@knittersguildnsw.org.au 
Publicity Officer:  publicity@knittersguildnsw.org.au

Public Officer: Stefanie Vogt (Inner City)

*For change of address or non receipt of posted Magazine please use the Membership email address.
#For non receipt of emailed Magazines, please use the Magazine Editor email address.