Gratuitous Yarn Photo

As you can see, the website has undergone a major overhaul.

  • ·         The whole look is updated.
  • ·         Streamlined Home page.
  • ·         Much easier to see all the different facets of the Guild at work.
  • ·         Great advertisement for the Guild.

 Biggest changes have been made to the membership system.

  • ·         Renewing has been made much more streamlined.
  • ·         Receipt is available as soon as the renewal is processed.
  • ·         Automatic reminders to help during the busiest time of year.
  • ·         Wear and tear on the membership secretary will be greatly reduced.


  • ·         The calendar now incorporates Google Calendar
  • Soon individual groups will find it a lot easier to update their own calendar.

 From a technology standpoint

  •  Functions much better on tablets and other devices
  • Updated software
  • Easier to keep up-to-date

It’s a work in progress, as it should be.  There is nothing worse than a static website.  As the Guild grows, the website should grow with it.