The beautiful Sacred Spaces Convent in Singleton


To celebrate the Knitter's Guild of NSW's 30th Birthday in 2016 the inaugural FibreFest was born.  The inaugural day, held in October, celebrated everything fibre and was held at the Sisters of Mercy Convent in Singleton, in the heart of the Hunter Valley, NSW.  From 2016 to 2019 the festival became an annual event in October in Singleton.  It expanded in 2018 to include a full day of workshops followed by a day of retail therapy.

Unfortunately, the planned 2020 and 2021 events needed to be postponed because of the COVID-19 epidemic.  The October 2020 event moved online for a day of frenzied trading facilitated by the internet.  During the pandemic, the beautiful venue in Singleton became permanently unavailable and the event needed to find a new home.  The search for a suitable venue which would allow for better social distancing resulted in FibreFest's new home at the beautiful Edmund Rice Conference Centre & Retreat in Mulgoa at the foot of the Blue Mountains, NSW.  Again COVID-19 halted the plans for a 2021 event and this prompted a date change to March 2022.  Unfortunately,  weather events on the East Coast of Australia have caused the 2022 event to be postponed to the weekend of 15/16 October.

Interested in attending the 2022 event?  Go to FibreFest 2022 for more information.



In 2018 the creation of the Fibrefest shawl became an additional event feature.  The generosity of talented designers was seen in knitted designs in 2018, 2019 and continues in 2022.  A crochet design was introduced in 2019 and continues in 2022.


 - The knitted pattern is available from Kathryn Trippett (The Australian Wool Store)'s Ravelry store - FibreFest Shawl 2022 or directly from Kathryn's website.

 - The crochet pattern is available from Sharon Holstein's Ravelry store - FibreFest Scarf 2022



 - The knitted pattern is still available in Debra Kinsey Knit's Ravelry store - FibreFest Shawl 2019

 - The crochet pattern is still available in Ruth Buchanan's Ravelry store - Gathering of Friends at FibreFest 2019



 - The knitted pattern is still available in Dominique Trad's Ravelry store - FibreFest Shawl 2018


2018 FibreFest Shawl Extravaganza! Shawl pattern by Dominique Trad.


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FibreFest Sunday is set aside as a trading day - you can expect to see yarn, yarn and more yarn!












 If you would be interested in participating in 2022 with a stall or demonstration or be involved in any other way, please contact us at